Raised for Local Nonprofits
535 gifts
Totaling $120,768.95
Gather for Good
Raised for Local Nonprofits
535 gifts
Totaling $120,768.95
Raised for Local Nonprofits
535 gifts
Totaling $120,768.95

Clay Center Action Network

Goal: $7,500.00

Specific Need

Funding for projects developed from the Clay Center downtown design (communty theme, event space, signage, seating, banners) and improvements to the downtown pedestrian experience (lighting, mid-block crossings, bump-outs, bollards, crosswalk signaling).


To make downtown Clay Center a pedestrian-friendly destination location.  This will serve two purposes.  First, it will help maintain vitality of the downtown businesses by increasing walkability and usability of open spaces and buildings.  Second, it will improve the quality of life in the community by providing social and entertainment opportunities for people of all ages.  Increased foot-traffic in the downtown and more time spent in the area will strenghen these community ties.


In 2016, the Clay County Economic Development Group partnered with the Chamber of Commerce, City of Clay Center, and Clay County to contract with the KSU School of Architecture for a downtown design project.  The project was designed to generate interest in future possibilities for the area. The KSU class presented their designs at the Clay Center Business Association’s Third Thursday retail promotion, Union State Bank’s open house and the Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting.  At these events survey responses were solicited from community members to determine interest in the ideas that were presented.  From these discussions people began to volunteer to work on many of the projects.


Community members then assembled to take a leadership role in moving the project forward.  The team was named Clay Center Action Network (CCAN) and consists of Jeremy and Nicole Glavan, Renee Langvardt, Monte Green, Josh Peterson, Jacob Lohrmeyer, Heath Craig, George Murchinson, and Lori Huber. The team then enrolled in a KSU Extension program called First Impressions to learn about how the town is viewed by those from outside the community.  A group of people visited Clay Center and provided feedback on what they liked and didn’t like about the area.  This information was presented at an open meeting to the public and community input was gathered.


The team took all the gathered ideas and completed an effort/impact grid.  It was then determined to focus on several items and take steps toward implementation. Those areas are: community wayfinding signage and downtown area streetscape.  They have raised funds and applied for grants to develop a coordinated design that will meet these goals.

$1,385.00 received
in 8 gifts
18.47%  of  $7,500.00 Goal


517 Court St.
Clay Center KS 67432
Phone: (785) 632-5974

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