Raised for Local Nonprofits
715 gifts
Totaling $137,850.00
Gather for Good
Raised for Local Nonprofits
715 gifts
Totaling $137,850.00
Raised for Local Nonprofits
715 gifts
Totaling $137,850.00

People Helping People

Goal: $10,000.00

Specific Need

To raise funds to help individuals with medical, living, and travel expenses for people with life threatening illnesses.  We've been doing individual fundraisers to help people in our community since 1999.  100% of all funds raised go to the individuals we do the fundraisers for.  Some of the people we have done fundraisers for have insurance, some do not.  I've never turned down anyone who's asked for a fundraiser, I don't feel that it's my place to say I'll help one person, and not the other.  Since the last Gather for Good Match Day, we've helped the following people - Barbara Gearhart; Natalie Fowles; Scott Kimbrough; Angie Roudybush; Teresa Burger; Donna Fletcher; David Desmarais; Rae Dunbar; Ashley Davies; Ken Sullivan; Stephanie Hessling; Raiden Stewart; Vaughna Gibson; Bruce Reed; Kier's Thriftway (groceries for elderly & at risk people during Covid 19); Taylor Lawson; & Sherri Hartman.  We are also working on a fundraiser for Sharon Lehman.



To provide a place of grace, a source of hope, & a mission of mercy.  Existing in God's love and forgiveness, St. Paul helps people grow in faith, and nurtures lives of worship and service.


We also involve many members of our congregation through Thrivent Community Action Teams.  We can use the Thrivent seed money to purchase the food we serve at our fundraisers or to purchase items for the various gift baskets we assemble for the KCLY radio auctions.  If it's a person suffering from cancer, we hold a fundraiser at Ray's Apple Market serving sandwiches over a three-day period.  If it's a person suffering from another illness, we hold a fundraiser at one of the various churches in our area.  The amount of money needed varies from year to year as we are never sure who will be needing help.  While this year started out slow, we've managed to have a fundraiser for someone every month thus far with the exception of August when we do the Clay County Relay for Life fundraiser.  I know that the Good Lord up above gives me the strength to keep up what I do, and I sometimes wonder how I did this when I was working.  

$1,520.00 received
in 12 gifts
15.20%  of  $10,000.00 Goal


816 9th Street
Clay Center KS 67432
Phone: (785) 632-0369

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